Deadline for Submissions: November 16th, 2018








Ontario has issued a call for ideas on key areas of focus to address climate change. We urge EV owners and enthusiasts to submit comments in support of electric vehicles and to ask the province to develop EV-friendly policies.

Your voice matters and will make a difference. Your submission doesn’t need to be lengthy. We have created a template below to give you some ideas and to help get you started. Comments need to be made by November 16th.

Thank you for joining us in this effort to advocate for the powerful role EVs can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing cleaner, more affordable and efficient transport for all Ontarians.

Wording ideas to help get your own submission started:

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the made-in-Ontario climate change plan.


I am very concerned about the harm that gas and diesel powered transportation in Ontario contributes to climate change.


A supportive strategy to transition to electric transportation (EVs) can help ensure that we don’t burden our future generations with the devastating cost and damage of climate change. The lower operating cost of EVs will also help individuals and families save money which will be reinvested in the Ontario economy.


I urge you to please create a plan that helps us overcome barriers to adoption (cost) so that we can quickly transition to electric transportation.