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Canada Talks Electric Cars webinars examine a broad range of electric vehicle related topics from a Canadian perspective. Hear interesting guest speakers from the EV and related industries speak about new and exciting developments. Don’t miss another episode of the Canada Talks Electric Cars webinar!  

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Webinar Feedback – Last update March 6, 2021

I just finished watching on YouTube another great episode.

Thank you for conducting the series and for making the episodes available for watching afterwards.

Terry M

This was my first attendance with an EV society event, it was very good.  The speaker was engaging and presented very useful material.  I plan to buy an EV within 2 yrs.

Dave S

First time viewer and truly enjoyed the informative show.


This webinar was one of the best featuring Canadian innovation in the EV space.  Very uplifting and exciting and well presented.

Thanks again and pleased with all the efforts of the society to move the yardsticks.

Jim P

I found the organization of the event and the presentation well done and useful.

That it will be available for viewing on YouTube is really valuable because as chair of our condo environmental committee I want someone on our Board to also view it.

Peter R

The webinar was well run, very well organized and very, very informative. I had no idea this level of skill existed in this great country.

Looking forward to the next one.

Hank B

I’m new to the EV Society and have yet to become an EV owner but I really enjoy the seminars that you provide. I find them very interesting and the people who present are very knowledgeable. I can’t wait for my lease to end -> this summer to take the plunge and buy an EV!!  I look forward to actual in person events, meetings post Covid! Thanks for doing all that you do to promote EVs!!!

Scott W

Great webinar this week.
Answered a lot of questions most EV owners are interested in.

Janice H

Thanks for putting this on (Battery Health)– a very important topic and I’m sure it was of great interest to a whole bunch of people.  I thought it was well put together and also very well presented

C. C.

This was an extremely inspiring and refreshing presentation. It was great to hear how well prepared they are regarding the use of Canadian technology and expertise.

David N

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you are doing for Canada and the environment by promoting and educating us about EVs. The speakers are inspirational and offer hope. And how refreshing to attend a webinar on EV Policy in Canada! It’s great to have input into questions as well, and I appreciate your efforts so they are all considered, even going so far as to ask the speaker to review some that couldn’t be discussed in the timeline. The attentiveness and thoughtful questions of the audience reflects on the good work you are doing.

Shirley C

The meeting was professionally conducted & the speaker’s presentation was very well done… both content and presentation.

Brian K

Interested in being a guest speaker? Contact the series organizer.