EV Society – Greater Sudbury

It’s time to #KickGas

Electric Vehicle Society – Greater Sudbury is a non-profit association based out of Sudbury, Ontario that helps educate consumers on the benefits of driving an electric vehicle (EV) by:

  • Hosting education events throughout the year
  • Monthly chapter meetings to discuss local/provincial/federal updates, as well as industry news and EV chat
  • Lobbying local and provincial governments to encourage introduction of EV-friendly policies
  • Working with local businesses and organizations to provide information and education about EV infrastructure and fleet vehicles

We are Sudbury’s number one choice for electric vehicle information and education.

Save $5,000 off an eligible Electric Vehicle!

Want to save money on a new car? The federal iZEV incentive can save you up to $5k on an eligible electric vehicle.

For more information and program details, including which vehicles are eligible, visit Transport Canada’s iZEV page:


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Why driving electric is the future, even in northern Ontario!



Our local economy is set to directly benefit from EV sales. The nickel, copper and cobalt that our mines produce are the materials required in advanced batteries in electric vehicles.


The electricity generated in Ontario is 95% low-carbon, which means from grid-to-vehicle when you drive electric, you are emitting near zero greenhouse gas (GHG).

Recent studies have shown total GHG emissions of battery production continue to decline as production efficiency increases, renewable energy added to power grids and mining equipment becomes electrified. Current estimates are 61-106kg of CO2 emissions equivalent per kWh of capacity.

Batteries can also be almost completely recycled, with 80-100% of materials in current lithium-ion batteries able to be recovered.


With the federal EV incentive you can save up to $5,000 off the purchase of an eligible electric vehicle. You’ll also save thousands more per year on reduced ‘fuel’ and maintenance costs.

Soon, you’ll also be able to save up to $2,000 off the purchase of a used EV across Canada with an upcoming federal incentive.


Gas-powered vehicles emit harmful chemicals and particulate matter such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which contribute to smog related illness.

Local EV Sales and Service

Looking to purchase an electric vehicle in the north? Check out our map below of EV dealers and service centers across the north. For new locations, please contact us!

Local Charging

Looking for a place to charge locally? Check below for a map from PlugShare, which is continually updated with new locations and live availability information (for participating networks).

Chapter Information & Contact

Chapter President: Devin Arthur

Contact & Media Inquiries: sudbury@evsociety.ca

Meeting Information

Want to connect with local EV drivers? Hear the latest EV news from across the province?
Check out our monthly meetings on our Facebook page


When:  **NOTICE: Until further notice, our monthly meetings are cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns in Greater Sudbury. Meetings will resume later this summer.

Where: Stantec Consulting Ltd., 1760 Regent Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 3Z8


Visit our website!

We are now hosting monthly meetings! They will be held at the Holiday Inn on Regent Street in Sudbury at the Rendez Vous Lounge. Dates will be second Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Please visit our website for up to date news...

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