About EV Society

We’ve been advocating the advantages of electric cars in Ontario since 1994. You could say we’re passionate.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision + Impact

We envision a world where electric vehicles are driven by everyday consumers in order to benefit both people and planet.

We will engage in initiatives that will effect real change at a personal, corporate, and political level.


Electric Vehicle Society aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and shift the car culture towards an environmentally  more sustainable future.


We value Integrity, Diversity and Passion. Our message must be delivered with optimism, enthu-siasm, and honesty. The merits of electric vehicles sell themselves once understood, and do not require high-pressure sales tech-niques.


Through collaboration we will band together to help inspire and educate our community on the benefits of electric mobility. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts!

Management Team

The EV Society is a registered Not-for-Profit with an elected Board of Directors. The Board carries out and oversees collective actions to ensure the sustainability and relevance of the EV Society for the present into the future while meeting the interests of members.
Wilf Steimle

Wilf Steimle

Wilf founded a high-tech company in 1983 and served as its president until 2014, when he sold his shares to pursue his passion for sustainable energy and electric vehicles. In 2015 he completed Al Gore’s climate reality training and lives off-grid as a demonstration of his commitment to a zero-carbon footprint. Wilf has driven over 100,000 km in an electric car and embarked on a 14,000 km coast-coast trip in 2016 to meet and help unite leaders of electric vehicle groups throughout the country. In 2016 he joined the Board of Directors of Electric Mobility Canada and serves on multiple committees including Government Relations. In the same year he accepted the role of President of the Electric Vehicle Society. Wilf is passionate about contributing his EV knowledge and experience toward the development of educational programs that will result in meaningful increases in the adoption of electric vehicles.

Stephen Bieda

Stephen Bieda

Stephen received an HBA in Communications Studies from Brock University in 1994. As a cleantech consultant, he managed over 200 electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects across Canada. He is the past Vice-President for the personal rapid-transit company Shweeb-Can, and the former Canadian Director of Sales and Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. He served as the Director of Communications and Marketing at the McMaster University Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO). He has worked with utilities, government agencies, and municipalities to develop electric vehicle strategies and as Urban Active New Business Development Manager for General Motors Canada, where he led projects on eBikes, autonomous vehicles, and the Maven car sharing team. Stephen is a past board member of Electric Mobility Canada and the Founder/President of the Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA). Presently he works for Kia Canada as a district sales manager.

Mike Knox

Mike Knox

Mike is a 35-year veteran manager at several local distribution companies (LDCs), including Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, Toronto Hydro, and Westario Power. He serves on various technical committees for the IESO and Ontario Energy Board, and has presented at several technical forums over the years.

Sean Hart

Sean Hart

Sean has had a lifelong passion for new technology and an 18-year career in corporate IT. In the past decade, he has developed a deep respect for and interest in environmental issues. He became an early adopter of hybrid and electric cars and founded the Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association (WEEVA) in 2013. He has been an outspoken proponent of EVs, appearing regularly in local media. Sean and his family of four live in an Energy Star certified home and have rooftop solar panels that produce 75% of their electricity needs.

Raymond Leury

Raymond Leury

After an 18 year career as a principal consultant with Microsoft, Raymond is committed to doing everything he can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a Climate Reality Leader, Raymond is trained to inform the public and decision-makers about the current state of scientific research on Climate Change and to promote solutions which will allow us to avoid the worst impacts of Climate Change. Raymond is president of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa, whose mission is to promote the electrification of the transportation system.

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Rob’s interest in electric vehicles is largely technical. He has been an E-power hobbyist since the early 1990s building and flying large electric R/C aircraft. In recent years, Rob has been an E-bike hobbyist assembling several bespoke high efficiency assist systems. Rob believes more effort is required bringing lower-cost zero-emission vehicles to market. As a Mechanical Engineer, Rob has a quantitative understanding of the true performance, cost and efficiency differences between of the various types of motive power. Through his career he has worked with AC brushless servo drives for CNC profile cutting through to the large AC induction motors that serve industry. Before retiring, Rob provided mechanical engineering services for electrical and electronics systems development and production, including management of engineering development projects delivered to Defence Research & Development Canada.

Devin Arthur

Devin Arthur

Devin is an IT professional with 15 years’ experience helping businesses to use technology to deliver efficient products and services. As founder and president of the Greater Sudbury EV Association, Devin has been accelerating the transition to a clean transportation system by advocating for electric vehicle adoption in northern Ontario. He created unique partnerships with electric mobility industry groups, major charging networks and NGO’s, to help local businesses gain the information they need to get started in the electro-mobility era of transportation.


WilfSteimleChair & President
SeanHartVice President
Raymond LeuryTreasurer

Board of Directors

Raymond Leury
* Retired

Annual Report

A full overview of the EV Society and our activities in the last year is available in our most recent Annual Report.

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