About EV Society

We’ve been advocating the advantages of electric cars since 1991.

You could say we’re passionate.

Vision, Mission & Values


A world where everyone’s journey is safe, clean, and fun.


To utilise the expertise of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts to help Canadians transition to electric transportation through education and advocacy.


We value Integrity, Diversity and Passion. Our message must be delivered with optimism, enthu-siasm, and honesty. The merits of electric vehicles sell themselves once understood, and do not require high-pressure sales tech-niques.


We collaborate and band together on shared goals and values to help inspire and educate our community on the benefits of electric mobility. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts!


EV Society is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. Everything we do is guided by 4 core “Objects”:

      • Promoting an interest in vehicles propelled by electric power and which may include hybrid power sources.
      • Promoting the reduction of pollution in the air by transportation vehicles, thereby enhancing the natural environment and improving the quality of life.
      • Gathering and disseminating information about electric vehicles.
      • Providing the means of social activity, mutual helpfulness, recreation, and other advantages of membership.

Management Team

EV Society is a registered Not-for-Profit with an elected Board of Directors. The Board carries out and oversees collective actions to ensure the sustainability and relevance of the EV Society for the present into the future while meeting the interests of members.

Wilf Steimle

Wilf Steimle

Innisfil, Ontario

Wilf founded a high-tech company in 1983 and served as its president until 2014, when he sold his shares to pursue his passion for sustainable energy and purchased his first electric vehicle. In 2015 he completed Al Gore’s climate reality training and lives off-grid as a demonstration of his commitment to a zero-carbon footprint. Wilf has driven over 250,000 km in an electric car and embarked on a 14,000 km coast-coast trip in 2016 to meet and help unite leaders of electric vehicle groups throughout the country. In 2016 he accepted the role of President of the Electric Vehicle Society. Wilf is passionate about contributing his EV knowledge and experience toward the development of educational programs that will result in meaningful increases in the adoption of electric vehicles.

Stephen Bieda

Stephen Bieda

Hamilton, Ontario

Stephen received an HBA in Communications Studies from Brock University in 1994. As a cleantech consultant, he managed over 200 electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects across Canada. He is the past Vice-President for a personal rapid-transit (PRT) start-up, and the former Director of Sales and Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. He served as the Director of Communications and Marketing at the McMaster University Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO) and has worked with utilities, government agencies, and municipalities to develop electric vehicle strategies. As Urban Active New Business Development Manager for General Motors Canada he led projects on eBikes, autonomous vehicles, and the Maven car sharing team. Stephen is a past board member with Electric Mobility Canada, a present board member with the Electric Vehicle Society and currently works for Kia Canada as a Eco Brand Business Development Manager.

Sean Hart

Sean Hart

Windsor, Ontario

Sean has a lifelong passion for new technology and a 20+ year career in IT. In the past decade he has developed a deep respect for and interest in environmental issues. He switched from a hybrid car to an all-electric Nissan Leaf in 2013 and founded the Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association (WEEVA) the same year. He has been an outspoken proponent of EVs, appearing regularly in local media, and now works as VP of Systems Development with Electric Vehicle Network. Sean and his family of four live in an Energy Star certified home and have rooftop solar panels that produce far more electricity than is used by their two plug-in vehicles.

Aniseh Sharifi

Aniseh Sharifi

Toronto, Ontario

Aniseh is passionate about sharing the EV experience! In 2018, she picked up her electric car and, soon after, started blogging and advocating for EVs. Her previous sales and consulting experience are from working at boutique agencies and helping automotive retailers across Ontario with marketing strategies and business development. In 2019, Aniseh left her career in retail marketing. She completed the Climate Reality training and decided to co-start a family-run digital marketing house called Fierce Media to focus on green marketing. Aniseh is an Executive of the Tesla Owners Club of Ontario and continues to dream of one day installing a charger in her condo building.

Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows

Carlisle, Ontario

Tim is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University of Toronto where he earned an honours degree in psychology. Tim has owned and driven batteryelectric cars for the past 8 years and has logged over 275,000 kilometres without the need for gasoline or diesel fuel. He now enjoys sharing his EV experience with others through his Tim Talks Tesla and Electric Cars presentations where he breaks down many myths and misconceptions about electric vehicle ownership. Tim also runs EV Society’s popular Canada Talks Electric Cars monthly webinar series featuring high profile guest speakers from around the industry.

Dave VanAlstyne

Dave VanAlstyne

Orillia, Ontario

Dave began a policing career in 1977 in Toronto, Ontario and spent his career in traffic enforcement. He performed duties that included accident investigation, radar and RIDE enforcement and the application of criminal and provincial traffic laws. As a breathalyzer technician for a number of years he was involved in many impaired investigations. After retiring from the Toronto Police Service he joined a Bus company that provided school bus, transit and special needs transportation and became a driver trainer. In this role his focus remained on safety as a person responsible for training and certifying new bus drivers up to the required licensing requirements and providing approved MTO Defensive Driving courses. Now fully retired and currently the owner of a electric vehicle, he is deeply concerned with the environmental impacts of transportation and is a strong supporter of EVs.


WilfSteimleChair & President
SeanHartVice President

Board of Directors


Committees & Working Groups

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee or working group, click on the title of the committee or working group to send an e-mail and express your interest.

Communications Committee (chair Aniseh Sharifi)Annual ReportCompiles and prepares an Annual Report at the end of January of each yearStephen Bieda
Social MediaHandles social media channels.Aniseh Sharifi
Public RelationsHandles public relations related items.Michael Bettencourt
EducationDevelops curriculum and course materialsTBD
NewsletterPrepares newsletters and editorialsMichael Bettencourt
Howard Hutt Annual AwardReview of nominations, annual presentation to the Board for approvalTBD
Chapter Relations Committee-Liaisons with regional Chapters.Sean Hart
Membership Benefits Committee-Adding value to membership through member benefitsTBD
Website Committee-Organizes and maintains websiteNino DiCara / Sean Hart
Finance Committee-Manages budget and fundraising efforts.Dave VanAlstyne
Government Relations Committee-Grass roots, lobbying, and member messaging to promote electrified transportationWilf Steimle / Devin Arthur
Election and Nomination Committee-Prepares nominations, conducts on-line elections and prepares results for the membership and the BoardDave VanAlstyne
Webinar Committee-Plans and runs the Canada Talks Electric Cars (CTEC) monthly webinar series.Tim Burrows

Annual Report

A full overview of the EV Society and our activities is available in our Annual Reports:

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