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We are a not-for-profit organisation comprised of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts who advocate for electric mobility. Whether you’re new to EVs or you’ve owned one for years, we welcome you!

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EV Society was founded in 1994, when all electric cars were hand-crafted one-off conversions. Now we help to increase EV adoption through education, advocacy, meetings, events and partnerships.

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EV Society chapters hold regular meetings to discuss everything from EV advocacy to the latest news and events.

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Recent Posts

The EV Society 2020 Annual Report

EV Society is pleased to share our 2020 Annual Report, highlighting the amazing work that was accomplished by volunteers across Canada in support of EV adoption. "The [Annual Report] is a report on the progress of a movement, and the outcomes that have been made...

EV data wanted for research project

Do you collect data on your EV? An EV Society member, Doug Ferrier, is working on a Ph.D. Dissertation project and is looking for EV owners who collect data on their vehicle status such as; charging level, distance travelled, state of health, etc. The research will...

What I’ve Learned After Six Years with an Electric Car

Six years ago, I took delivery of my fully battery electric car – one of the first in Canada. It was a leap of faith into the future and came with a lot of uncertainty. When I first ordered it, there were a number of questions on my mind. Would I run out of charge? How and where would I charge it? When would I have to replace the battery? Would the car last? How would it be in the winter? How would I get it serviced?

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EV Society is a non-profit organization passionate about bringing change in the way we drive. EVs are cleaner, quieter, faster, and cheaper than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. Become a member to enjoy a number of perks and to engage with our experienced and knowledgeable members.

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