Charging Etiquette

To create a happy public charging experience for all, EV Society encourages drivers to abide by these etiquette recommendations.

EV spots for EVs

If you drive a gas or diesel Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle, please do not park in a spot designated for an EV no matter how crowded the parking lot is, and no matter how infrequently the charging location is used. EV drivers rely on these stations to make it to their next destination.

No Nasty Notes

If the charging spot you counted on using is occupied by an ICE vehicle (ICE’d) or by another EV not plugged in, avoid the temptation to go ballistic and leave a polite note on the windshield explaining your reliance on these stations.

Charge Only When Necessary

Most regular travel can be accomplished through overnight home charging. Remember that electricity at free charging stations is privately funded and provided as a courtesy to EV drivers who might need the charge to safely complete their travels. Unless you need a charge to reach your destination, please leave the spot free for another EV driver who needs the charge to complete their trip. Please don’t charge if you don’t need a charge.


Charge and Move On

Only occupy a charging spot while your car is being charged. Please unplug and move your car once you have adequate range to comfortably reach your destination.

It's OK to Ask for a Charge

If a charging spot is being used, it’s OK to park in an adjacent spot and leave a note with your name and cell number asking the owner to plug your car in after their session is complete.

Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV)

An owner of an EV does NOT have the right to unplug a PHEV, such as a Chevy Volt just because that car has a back-up gas engine. However, if asked, PHEV drivers should always concede their spot to EV drivers who might not be able to safely reach their next destination.

Don't Unplug

Never unplug another EV or PHEV unless it has clearly finished charging or you’ve received permission from the owner. If you unplug another car once it has fully charged, leave a note with your name and cell number explaining why it was unplugged.

Contact Info

Before you leave to shop or dine at one of the local merchants, place a note on your dashboard with your name and cell number so that other EV drivers can reach you in the event that they urgently need a charge. It’s helpful to indicate when you expect to be back and whether it is OK to unplug your car before it’s fully charged.


As you begin charging, please do “Check in” on the mobile PlugShare app to let others know that the station is in use and also leave feedback for future users. If there is a problem with a charging station, please first contact the station owner before leaving a negative review.


Route the cord from the station to your car such that it lays flat on the ground and is not a trip-hazard. Before you leave, please wind the cord neatly on its holder.