July 3, 2024

Electric Vehicle Society (EVS) and Duliban Insurance Brokers, are pleased to announce a multi-year agreement that will promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and support EV owners and enthusiasts with tailored and discounted coverage.

Electric Vehicle Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, advocating and connecting EV enthusiasts, owners and industry stakeholders to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. Founded in 1994, EV Society strives to increase the adoption of electric vehicles by providing resources, organizing events, and fostering partnerships that work to spread this knowledge across new platforms.

Duliban Insurance, a leading broker in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, shares this commitment to supporting the transition to electric vehicles, recognizing the need for greener practices within the industry. By leveraging group discounts for members of EV Society, they ensure that EV owners receive tailored coverage at competitive rates, including specialized protection for battery systems and charging equipment. Beyond this, Duliban Insurance actively supports green initiatives and provides resources to help clients make informed decisions about their EV investments.

The partnership is part of EV Society’s evolving National Insurance Program, which aims to assist EV owners with insurance across Canada. Through this cooperation, Duliban Insurance will provide an inclusive partnership for EV Society, by way of promotion, sponsorship and by ensuring all members have access to comprehensive coverages. Both parties have expressed great excitement in this collaboration, and look forward to making important strides over the next three years.

To find out more about Duliban Insurance’s EV program, click here.

Tim Burrows
EV Society

Adam Duliban