EV Society has re-issued the following statement after careful review and in consideration of feedback from our members and the EV community. We recognize our original statement did not accurately reflect our intent and we very much appreciate those who provided honest and direct feedback. This statement has been reviewed by EV Society chapter leads and board members.

Re: Ontario’s Environmental Plan release

The Electric Vehicle Society recognizes the release of the Ontario Government’s Environment plan and is supportive of the Government’s decision to work with stakeholders to continually refine the plan based on feedback.

Transportation makes up one of the largest GHG emissions areas in Ontario and we are encouraged to see electric vehicles specifically called out as a critical component for emissions reduction in that sector.

We do believe, however, that there are areas in which we can improve upon, such as the promotion and increased adoption rates of electric vehicles in Ontario that would bring the province more in line with other advanced economic regions around the world (https://evsociety.ca/global-electric-vehicle-sales-targets-and-policies/). We are committed to continue working with the Government to help find more meaningful ways of supporting electric vehicle adoption.