EV Society is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by member volunteers. No one at EV Society receives any renumeration or financial benefit for their efforts, our member volunteers provide their time because they believe that helping people transition to electric transportation is worth it. To put it simply, EV Society would not exist without our many volunteers!

2020 provided challenges for everyone and EV Society was no exception. We most commonly grew through the work of local chapters and affiliates hosting increasingly larger in-person events, where members could showcase their vehicles to the public and spread awareness of electric vehicles to others. With COVID hitting Canada just as the weather started warming up, virtually all of our usual events were cancelled this year. However, our volunteers stepped up to enable new uses of online tools. Our Webinar series “Canada Talks Electric Cars” was launched in response and has had a great reception. We provided a Zoom account free of charge for all of our affiliates to use for online meetings. We stepped up our use of social media. And we worked tirelessly to engage with government on critical EV related policies. These efforts allowed EV Society to stay active and relevant during these difficult and unprecedented times.

Please join me in thanking all of the volunteers working directly with EV Society as well as with our local chapters and affiliates. Your efforts are appreciated and make a difference!

Sean Hart
Vice-President, EV Society

P.S. Are you interested in becoming an EV Society volunteer? Keep an eye on our volunteer postings!