By Robert Lockhart

Here are few facts about our Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid).  When we took delivery at the end of June last year, I really didn’t think the 45 kms of EV range would amount to much.  Boy, was I wrong. 

We live about 25 kms north of Peterborough, so we are not urban dwellers.  We have to travel a ways before we get to anywhere.  Regardless, it was surprising to see how many trips fall within or just beyond our EV range.  When the EV is exhausted, the vehicle transitions seamlessly into gas/electric hybrid mode.  The only indication you have is a slightly heavier feel to the ‘gas’ pedal when the gasoline engine kicks in, assisted by the electric motor. 

We are so impressed with even partial EV driving, that our next vehicle will be a pure EV – unless plug-in hybrids continue to increase their EV range.  We’ll see what’s available when our lease ends in two years.  In the meantime, it’s fund to learn and begin to live the EV lifestyle. 

One thing we’re learning is that early-adopters have a few struggles.  However, it’s fun to be pioneer.  Another time, I’ll tell you about our battle with our Florida condo association to try to convince them to install a Level 2 outlet that the 3 EV owners in our building could share.  They’ve decided that we are ‘on our own’ until there are more of us – which they don’t think will happen for at least a decade.  My information suggests that it’ll be much sooner than that.

Toyota Prius Prime – Lockhart’s 11 month Experience

  • Typical EV range                                     45 kms
  • 16,500 kms (11 months)                       2.7 L/100 kms (average)
  • Last 1,182 kms (5 weeks)                   1.4 L/100 kms (since return from Florida)
  • Four months in Florida                          1.6 L/100 kms (4,530 kms)
  • 5,300 km return Florida trip                4.4 L/100 kms (little opportunity to charge while on route)  Fuel cost $88.50 down/$76.90 return – fully-loaded and highway speed
  • Vehicle charges in 4.5 hours on 120 volt and 2 hours on 240 volt – so home-based charging is the only economical waY to charge.