The EV Society was delighted to be invited to speak at the Ontario government’s 2020 Budget Consultations.

The consultations enable the provincial government to hear from the people of Ontario on matters that will improve the quality of life for citizens across the province, while also attracting business investment, creating jobs and improving critical public services.

On Tuesday January 21st, EV Society president, Wilf Steimle, made a presentation that called upon the province to support the EV Society with its educational outreach efforts. Wilf emphasised the financial benefits of owning an electric car and that public interest and educational needs around EVs are greater than can be met through the society’s, currently volunteer-only, outreach efforts. Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Rod Phillips, and others on the panel listened attentively to Wilf’s speech.

It now remains to hear what the draft budget will include. Meanwhile, the EV Society will continue to lobby on behalf of and represent its members of EV owners and enthusiasts.