Tim Burrows

By Tim Burrows

Ask anyone who drives an electric vehicle and they will likely tell you they would never go back to gas or diesel. Why you wonder? Setting aside the ‘green’ aspect, driving an EV is simply a superior experience. Perhaps you’ve heard they are quiet, powerful and require very little maintenance but unless you’ve driven one, it’s impossible to appreciate the full experience.

Just imagine waking up every morning to a ‘full tank’. Most of the time, EV drivers never need to charge anywhere but at home. Today’s EV batteries do not have a memory and so can be topped up every night (or day) without doing harm. Batteries from some EV manufacturers will last for well over 400,000 kms and come with an 8 year warranty!

Sticker shock can still be a factor with EVs but total cost of ownership needs to be considered. The price for regular gasoline is more than four times the cost of electricity. Imagine the lineup at any gas station today that sold fuel for 22 cents a litre! Folks who drive a lot, save a lot. Oh, and you won’t need to schedule an oil change, ever again.

A growing list of countries have put automakers on notice that new gas or diesel cars will soon be banned. Growing concern over greenhouse gas emissions and the climate is shaping this action. In cities, dense traffic and the resulting concentration of air pollution contribute to illness and premature death. More than a dozen cities have announced future bans on all but zero emission vehicles within their borders. Auto manufacturers that fail to enter the EV market in earnest, do so at their peril.

Ontario needs to prepare for electric cars and so do local businesses. Charging infrastructure is one obvious consideration and workplace charging will play a part.

Our change to electric mobility will affect many businesses. What will become of muffler and oil change shops? What about gas stations? If your business does deliveries, a switch to electric could significantly reduce costs.

Have you considered the impact electric vehicles will have on your business?

Tim is a retired VP of Forty Creek Distillery who now enjoys public speaking about his electric car experience. He leads the Etobicoke chapter of the Electric Vehicle Society at Humber College. Visit Tim’s website or email him.