Electric cars have unique characteristics that make them ideal camping companions.

By Tim Burrows

Wouldn’t it be great if your next camping trip included a tent with air conditioning and a heater?  With a properly fitted EV, it’s now possible.

A company by the name of Napier in St.Catharines ON is distributing a tent designed to attach to among other things, a car’s open hatchback.  I recently offered up my Model X for a few hours so they could test the ‘fit’ and take some photographs.

The quality was adequate to my eye… not super rugged but suitable for the casual camper.

It took a couple of people to set it up but it was incredibly windy and we were out in the open.  I think under normal conditions, it would be quite easy to erect.  The tent was designed for a pickup truck but fit reasonably well on my Model X.  I suspect it would also fit and work nicely on a Model S (or any hatchback).  Still needs a little adjustment to obtain a perfect seal on the Tesla and I believe they are going to address that.

I don’t see it having as much value on an internal combustion engine vehicle (think exhaust fumes) but on an EV you suddenly have A/C and heating!

While I’m personally a room service sort of guy, I could certainly see this setup being of interest to the casual camper wanting an extra level of comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

For more information visit http://napieroutdoors.com

Tim is a retired VP of Forty Creek Distillery who now enjoys public speaking about his electric car experience. He leads the Etobicoke chapter of the Electric Vehicle Society at Humber College. Visit Tim’s website or email him.