What’s it like to switch to an electric vehicle?

If you are thinking about buying an electric vehicle for the first time, one of the most helpful things you can do is to take the experience of other EV owners. We invite you to watch, listen and read the firsthand experiences of those who’ve already made the switch. 

“My fuel cost went from $300-$400 per month to $25”

By Amisha Hiebert In a vivid example of the cost savings of operating electric vehicles, this Cambridge, ON commuter, Amisha Hiebert, shares in the video above the difference going electric has made to her 140km daily commute. And the comments below this Twitter post...

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“I would never consider going back to a gas car”

By Ian Graham My Father got me interested in renewables when he and Mom bought a cottage on the same lake that they ran their fishing lodge on. The cottage had no electricity and being the ever curious and resourceful man he was, he tapped into the waterfalls beside...

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Camping in Comfort

Electric cars have unique characteristics that make them ideal camping companions. By Tim Burrows Wouldn’t it be great if your next camping trip included a tent with air conditioning and a heater?  With a properly fitted EV, it’s now possible. A company by the name of...

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