Call for 4th Annual Howard Hutt Award Nominations


The Howard Hutt award is named after EV Society founder Howard Hutt who founded the “Electric Vehicle Society of Canada” back in 1991. Howard was an EV pioneer long before electric vehicles were considered feasible or generated much interest. It is in his name that we seek out any person, persons, or entity who have engaged in outstanding efforts towards the advancement of electric transportation in Canada.

We are looking for Nominees for the Howard Hutt Award! We invite you to submit Nominees who have accomplished meritorious work towards the advancement of electric vehicle adoption and embrace EV Society’s Vision and Mission. While not restricted to, special consideration shall be given to members of the Electric Vehicle Society. Please submit your entries by the February 14, 2023 deadline.

Nominations should be submitted by email or using the form below, and may include:

  • Letters of support or testimonials;
  • Photos or videos;
  • Cover letter and/or CV;
  • Special certifications, diplomas, etc.;
  • Any other documents that prove expertise or worthiness.

Use the button below to submit a nominee for the Howard Hutt Award.

You must have a Google account to use the nomination form. If you have any issues with the form, you can submit a nomination by email to “”. Please include as much information as possible about why the nominee should be considered for an award (see above).

Howard Hutt receiving the inaugural Howard Hutt Award in 2018