EV Society Virtual Ride-Along 2020

Share your EV passion virtually for National Drive Electric Week 2020!


EV Society chapters and affiliates around the country love nothing more than to gather our members at events to share our passion and knowledge of electric vehicles with future EV drivers. However, we also need to do our part to minimize community spread of COVID-19 and thus are skipping our usual events, many of which take place during the annual “Drive Electric Week”.

But we still can share our passion and knowledge virtually! EV Society is pleased to initiate a virtual ride-along YouTube event! Interested members simply have to record a short video of themselves talking about their EV to be included in the Virtual Ride-Along playlist on our YouTube channel.

How to participate

Participating is easy! Simply find a partner (someone already in your social bubble) and whichever phone in your family has the best video recording quality, and start filming. Have your partner film you talking about your EV while you go for a drive and then when done share your video using your favourite sharing service (Google Photos, DropBox, iCloud, etc) with VirtualRideAlong@evsociety.ca.


We only have a few rules for this event, but they must be followed. Please ensure you follow them or your video may not be included.

  1. Safety first! Follow all rules of the road and DO NOT interact with your phone while driving. You should use a partner to film you or alternatively mount your phone to a fixed location in the vehicle and start/stop recording while safely stopped.
  2. Videos must be 5 minutes or less (ideally 2-3 minutes). We don’t want to overwhelm people. We may do some light editing before posting if needed. If you need us to edit anything specifically please let us know.
  3. Stay positive! We want people to hear what you love about your EV. No bashing specific brands or non-EVs please. And please keep comments family friendly (no ????).
  4. Please film in landscape mode (i.e. rotate your phone sideways).

Guidelines / Script Outline

Here is a suggested script for you to use to guide your video. Feel free to tweak it or add your own style as you see fit. Just keep in mind the audience, which is non-EV owners who may not be very familiar with EVs and related terminology. Check out some videos already posted for an example.

Introduce yourself and your vehicle (exterior shot)
  • Start outside, standing by your vehicle. Keep the sun in front of you or slightly off to the side (i.e. behind the camera). Remember to have your phone in landscape mode (turned sideways).
  • Give your name, location, your local EV owner’s group, and car info (make / model / year).
Brief exterior vehicle overview
  • Give a quick video overview of the exterior of the car, talk about the general features such as the size, trunk space, etc. The idea here is to showcase that it is a normal car and not compromised in any way. For time reasons do not bother filming interior features.
  • Show how/where you charge the car. Comment on how easy it is to charge and how often you plug in (once a day, a few times a week, etc).
Move inside the vehicle

Stop the video and move to inside the car with your partner or mount the phone to a fixed location in the vehicle. Again, don’t try and film the interior features as it would take up too much time. And remember rule #1; do not drive while holding the phone.

Go for a drive and talk about why you love your EV!

Make sure the radio is off. This is your chance to talk about what you love about driving electric! Things you may want to talk about:

  • The “fun” part of driving, such as the great acceleration and handling.
  • The quietness of it.
  • No concerns about range (i.e. lack of range anxiety).
  • How cost effective it is (no gas, low maintenance). Feel free to comment on the price of the car as many people think they are all very expensive.
  • Unique winter features, such as pre-heating, heated steering wheel, etc.
Finish filming and send us your video

That’s it! Stop filming and then upload or sync your video to your favourite sharing tool. Once it is uploaded send the sharing link to VirtualRideAlong@evsociety.ca and we’ll take it from there. Please do not try and email the video directly as they are usually too big for email. When you send the link to us please include;

  • Full name
  • Location (city, province)
  • Your local EV Society chapter or affiliate name


You may have a few more questions. Here are some we can think of but for anything else please email VirtualRideAlong@evsociety.ca.

When does the video need to be submitted?
Please submit your video as soon as possible but no later than Oct 4 (end of Drive Electric Week).
Where do the videos end up?

They will go on the EV Society YouTube channel in a dedicated playlist set up just for this.

Who will see the videos?
We will be promoting this on all of our platforms and will try our best to get viewers outside of EV Society. We will share with media organizations as well to see if there is interest. Please help by sharing with your friends as well!
What format does the video need to be in. Any technical limitations?
We should be able to accept any common video format. Try and use a higher quality setting on your video (ideally 1080p at 30fps). Please avoid 4K in this case as that creates large video files that will take longer to edit.
Do I need to add any titles or music or other editing to my video?

We will add a title (lower third) with your name, city, and EV Society chapter or affiliate name. If you are comfortable doing that yourself please go ahead and do that as it will save us a bit of time.

Please avoid having any music playing in the background as it can trigger a copyright violation and cause YouTube to take down the video automatically. If you are comfortable adding royalty-free music subtly in the background go ahead, but it is not necessary.

Can I do anything else to help?

We could use a few people to help with the video editing and posting, so if you have any experience with video editing please reach out to sean.hart@evsociety.ca.

Other questions, comments, or interested in helping? Contact VirtualRideAlong@evsociety.ca.