EV Help!

Buying an EV? Get free help now!

Please note this service has now ended, but we are working on something even better!

Need help buying a used EV?

Buying a used EV can be a smart & cost-effective way into an electric car, but what if you have questions?

For a limited period of time, we are making dedicated advisors available to help first time buyers get into a used EV!

Your advisor can:

  • answer common questions
  • provide recommendations on vehicle models that fit your needs
  • help with charging station options
  • point out things to look for in a used EV

In the end, whether you purchase an EV or not, we’ll ask you to participate in an interview so we can learn where the challenges are and better help future EV buyers.

Recently purchased a used EV?  We’d love to hear about your experiences as well!

Book time with an advisor and get the ball rolling.

Why is the focus on used EVs?

Of course there can be issues with purchasing both new and used EVs and each have their own unique challenges. For now we have decided to start with a focus on used EVs but may open that up in the future. We do feel that used EVs are important as an affordable way to get people to switch to electric transportation.

Why is there a time limit on this service?

We are providing this service in order to gather more data on where the stumbling blocks are as people transition to electric. Once we have some data we will take some time to review it and determine where to focus our efforts going forward. Our hope is to continue to offer an EV Help service after this review has happened and once we are able to staff up enough volunteers to run it.

Where will the data you collect be used?

The data will be made available to the EV Society board and committees for anlysis and to help in future planning. We are also happy to provide the data to anyone looking to help move forward EV adoption. Personal data (names, emails) from the participants will not be shared outside EV Society.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions about this process?

Please use our Contact form and mention “EV Help”.