Below you will find formatted graphs comparing different metrics of various BEV (fully electric) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric) vehicles. These graphs are very useful to compare various vehicles. If you’d like to download the full Excel data sheet (with even more information), it is attached at the bottom.

Please note, these values are as of the time of writing, which is June 2017. 

BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles)

Note: Most Level 2 Charging Stations Are Rated for 7.2kW or less.

Note: Tesla Charger Size and Rate stated with optional second charger. Each charger is 10kW. Take above values and divide them in half for single charger ratings.

Note: Many Tesla home installations would be de-rated to 48A (11.5kW) for installation cost reasons (the price increases significantly as the electrical load increases). Many home owners don’t have a need for charging rates higher than this.

Note: Values of zero are stated when information was not available.

Note: Tesla drivetrain and battery warranties are for 8 year / unlimited KM. This is displayed incorrectly on the graph for formatting reasons (infinity is hard to graph). 

Note: Pricing based on available information and is not necessarily current. Pricing is intended to be used as a guide only, please visit the manufacturer’s website for exact pricing.

PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles)

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