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December 2020

I am very pleased to report that we have welcomed a new member to the EVS Communications Comittee: Matt Kostan.

Matt is a Tesla Model 3 owner from Newmarket, ON. He'll be helping the EVS with graphic design and branding projects. His background is in e-commerce sales having built multiple product brands himself. His latest project raised almost $100k on Kickstarter.

He credits the EV society with peaking his interest in EVs when he saw our booth at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto a few years ago. His Model 3 purchase was a direct result of that!

Matt brings a great store of knowledge, experience and artistic talent will help to insure that EV Surge remains a relevant, attractive and useful tool in spreading the EV message!

-Bill Bruesch, Ed.

December 1, 2020 7:30 PM EST

"Power sharing solutions for Condos and Multi-unit Buildings"

We are pleased to announce that December's guest speaker will be Mark Marmer of Signature Electric.

Mark is a master electrician with 45 years of experience and owner of Signature Electric. Signature Electric has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in service to condominiums. Over the last 7 years, Mark has developed a division that focuses on installing electric vehicle chargers in all types of settings including single-family residences, businesses, retail locations, and of course condominiums.

The Signature Electric family owns 4 electric vehicles including an original Tesla Roadster, a Nissan Leaf, a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Model 3

Mark will talk about the challenges faced when 'navigating the road to EV charging in a shared multi unit residential community'.

Click Here to Register!

Toronto joins other Canadian cities with curbside EV charging launch

The City of Toronto, Toronto Hydro, and national EV charging network Flo are bringing resident-only overnight charging using street parking at their residence.

Click HERE to read the full article by Electricautonomy and see the list of charger locations.

Kia's Plan S – For Shift – Is an all-in strategy Into electric cars

Even the new company’s logo will reflect its electric ambitions.

Click HERE  to read the full article by Insideevs

Transition One Will Convert Your Old Gasmobile To Electric Power In About 4 Hours

Want to bring an old favourite up to date? Here's one way!

Click HERE to read the full article by cleantechnica

Purolator expands zero-emission, last-mile delivery service in Montreal and Toronto

Bikes and low-speed EVs help this logistics company provide greener last-mile delivery options in two Canadian cities.

Click HERE to read the full article by Electricautonomy

Nio unveils 100 kWh battery with cell-to-pack design and lets owners upgrade

New battery technology and the BaaS (Batteries as a Service) approach bring creative options to owners.

Click HERE to read the full article by electrek

Selwyn Township and the Kawartha Chapter encourage EV adoption.

If you had problems finding this item in the November issue, please click HERE to read the full story.

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