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Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion Manual

A Workshop Guide for High Schools

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Authored by: Neil Gover, Darius Vakili, Bernard Fleet, & Howard Hutt

  • Howard W. Hutt is the Senior Electrical Vehicle Consultant at Electrovaya Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario.
  • Neil Gover is (was*) a Motion Picture Lighting Technician and EV Builder with two completed Conversions
  • Darius Vakili is and Electronics Engineer who builds chargers, controllers, DC/DC converters and charge controllers for EV's and solar power installations.
  • Dr. Bernard Fleet is a Chemical Engineer and Consultant at Electrovaya Inc.
*Neil Gover was with us until he passed away early in his life due to difficulties with a Brain Tumor that overcame him on January 4, 2007.

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The manual is organized into 5 parts, (62 pages) and 6 Appendixes, (23 Pages).

The five parts are headlined, including sub-heads, as below:

  1. Introduction - The move to sustainable transportation
    1. Sustainable Transportation
    2. The Solution - LEV's and ZEV's
    3. Pure Battery EVs or ZEV's
    4. The Politics of Sustainable Transportation
    5. The Program
    6. The Way Ahead

  2. Getting Started
    1. Facilities
    2. Equipment List
    3. Do-It-Yourself or Buying a Kit
    4. Timing
    5. Raising Funds

  3. Basics of Electrical Energy and Electricity
    1. Introduction
    2. We Need Energy to Move
    3. The Concept of Electrical Energy
    4. How We Measure Electrical Energy
    5. Electric Current
    6. Electric Voltage
    7. Electric Resistance
    8. Electric Symbols and Circuits
    9. Other Energy Storage Devices
    10. AC and DC Power
    11. The Transformer
    12. The Electric Switch
    13. Relays and Contactors
    14. Electronic Switches

  4. Starting the Conversion
    1. Introduction
    2. Selection of the Donor Vehicle
    3. Safety Considerations
    4. Orientation
    5. The Motor / Drive Train
    6. Preparation for the Conversion
    7. Motor / Transmission Installation
    8. System Testing
    9. Suspension Upgrade
    10. Finishing off under the Hood
    11. On the Road
    12. Battery Care
    13. Conversion Completed

  5. EV Performance and Evaluation
    1. Evaluation of Vehicle Performance
    2. Environmental Benefits
    3. Summary of Results
    4. Promotion and Participation
    5. Conclusions

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Q & A

Manual Related Questions and Answers

(Q.) I have seen a reference to a Society publication on the Plug In America web site. However I cannot find the book, "Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual: A Workshop Guide for High Schools", on your web site or sources such as Amazon.com.

Wondered where I could find more information regarding the book and it's availability/price to the general public?

(A.) The Book We Wrote and Sell to Schools and others such as yourself - the price is $50.00 Canadian. The web site now has more information on this book on this page.
You can now order the book - just click the order page link.

(Q.)  Hello, I'm trying to find a copy of:
"Gasoline to Electric Conversion Manual: A Workshop Guide for High Schools"
I think it was published by your EV society in July of 2005. Can you help me?
Thanks for the help.

(A.)  You have come to the right place! Read the Description information at the top of this page for more help, and go to the order page to place your order!

(Q.) Delivery time:  How long does it take to get My Manual?

(A.)  As we are all Volunteers, the response time varies due to interuptions caused by Personal Work Schedules, Vacations (Summer, Christmas), and Urgent Family Matters. When there are no interuptions, we work on a response time of 7 - 14 days at our end to send out the Manual. Further Information on Shipping.

(Q.)  What do I do if I need it in a short time frame - in a hurry?

(A.)  Contact us by Text via Cell Phone before you place the order so as to make sure you have our attention, and we are speaking with you. Our Webmaster can Assist you with Expaditing your order. Please sent a Text Message to 416-500-8182. Texts are best due to working Schedule. Make sure we have the address you want it shipped to, and then email us a copy of the order confirmation you received from PayPal, to us in general and to our President.

(Q.)  I would like to purchase your Conversion manual for EVs, Any way i could just call with a credit card? Thanks.

(A.)  At Current - as we are strictly a Volunteer Organization - we don't have any set times to call and process orders, for one, and for another - we would still simply process the order - just as if you did it yourself, by going online to the online order page and entering the information you gave, Address, Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, Phone Number's - etc., and we would have to walk you through it in the same steps anyway.

Using PayPal - allows you to do that yourself - without giving us your credit card number, and is more secure for you.

(Q.) I was reading in a local environmental magazine that some area high schools have programs where students learn how to convert gasoline cars to electric.

I have just a few questions:
- How is the EV Society involved and how do I learn more about the program?
- Can I offer my car for conversion as a learning tool and if so -
- how much does the conversion cost if I would join the program?

(A.) We work through High Schools to do the program. Current Schools we are active with Varies at any one time. The cost is about $10,000 for the parts. Find a High School Auto Shop Instructor in whom you have confidence. Schools that will do the conversion may be happy to work on your car - just make sure the terms are clear!

(Q.) I would like to obtain a copy of the manual for converting your automobile from gas to electricity as mentioned in your site. Could you please provide one in English.

(A.) We would be happy to provide one for you in English - In fact that's all they are printed in. Please use our Online Ordering Page, so as to give you some additional order tracking ability.

(Q.) Hi. I'm an Auto shop teacher interested in the curriculum and support you can give a project to produce an electric vehicle. Our auto shop class did produce a solar car last year with a grant from the Limestone Learning Foundation. There are many glitches to fix to make it better this year but the possibility of extending the project to a full size vehicle is exciting.

(A.)  The Best thing to do is to purchase the Manual, and make sure it meets your needs. As our members may be able to help - or not, depending on their Schedules, This would be best addressed by attending one of our meetings - or sending us an email inquiry with a pdf file help survey we can forward to our members directly.

Some of our Members have begun Busineses in the field of EV Conversion Support, from Component Manufacture for Electric Vehicles, to the Actual Conversion Activity. They usually are Exhibitors at the EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show. See EV Fest Past Exhibitors for further information on this.

(Q.) This is great, I just stumbled onto your web site searching for electric vehicles!!!
I am a huge enthusiast of gas free vehicles and have been searching everywhere on the web to find out how to buy electric or convert my vehicle to electric.
Do you have some information on who I could contact about this? Thank You!

(A.)  You have come to the right place, see the above description regarding the Conversion Manual, and if it meets your interest, begin with ordering it here at our Online Ordering Page. Contact our society members directly at a meeting.

All out, the conversion will take likely more than a year and will cost about $10,000 in parts plus lead acid batteries, more if you use more powerful Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), or Lithium Battery Types. You currently could have to find a High School Auto Shop or Commercial Auto Shop, or an EV Conversion Shop that would be willing to work with you, if you don't have the tools and shop space to do it yourself. Directions to this shop. Also see our links page for sources.

Creative solutions can bring the price down below $1,000 for moderate performance Conversions. Example: Forkenswift.

(Q.)  Hoping you can help me. As one of the many who would like to either reduce or eliminate the CO2 gases coming from my car, and after viewing "Who killed the electric car" recently, I am wanting to know if I too may be able to afford to convert my 2002 Honda CRV to use electric power.

I would like to know if you can point me to a few reliable persons/companies in the greater Toronto area who may be able to do this properly and at a competitive price. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's hoping we can change the way of thinking on our planet and here in our country together.

(A.) At the Present, no Known Full EV Converters (Commercially) have been brought to our attention in the GTA. You can see our links pages for a great number of related sources and supports, particularily Canadian Suppliers for known Converters, and you can purchase this Manual for additional references and guidance.

Another option - is to connect with EV Fest - look at past shows - Exhibitor Links - and contanct them for assistance.

(Q.)  I attended the BBB/6th EVer event/conference in Florida. I would like to purchase the education book about curriculum requirements that your President, Mr. Hutt, presented at the meeting. Hopefully the curriculum will help me with my pursuit to implement an EV program in our local schools.

(A.) Yes, you can purchase this manual from our Online Ordering Page.

(Q.)  How Many Copies of the Manual Have Been Sold to Date?

(A.)  There have been many sales this year - with over 20 being sold in one month. Over 56 Manuals have been sold online (By 2013), and they continue to be ordered, even into 2016! Many more have been sold at meetings and at shows, in person.

(Q.)  Why did you create yet another Manual for EV Conversion?

(A.)  We Wanted something targeted for High Schools, Specifically.

(Q.)  How Much does the Manual Cost?

(A.)  The Price is $50.00 Canadian plus Shipping & Handling for mail outs.